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Through the latest Machine Learning and Big Data technology, Satya Insights provides relevant information to make strategic decisions

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Discover how our geolocalized data can help you improve your sales and marketing strategy.
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Key Features

Real data
Real data

We rely on our user behaviour and smartphone experience to generate information datasets based on factual and real user data

Cloud architecture
Cloud architecture

Advance knowledge of geo-statistical and map visualization technologies, using the latest techniques for Big Data and Machine Learning algorithms

Identification of store visits
Identification of store visits

Through precise geolocation methods we are at the forefront in the identification of visits to client and competitor stores

Advanced user profiling
Advanced user profiling

We have great experience in profiling and clustering of clients, innovating with user profile segmentation focused on consumption habits and preferences

Aggregated and anonymized information
Aggregated and anonymized information

We only work with aggregated and anonymized information, maintaining at all times the privacy and confidentiality of our users.

A BI tool focused on many industries




Commercial Surfaces

Supermarkets and Food Stores

Real Estate

Value Proposition

Satya Insights provides an analytical tool that supports decisions ranging from strategic to operational levels. Some of the key points in which Satya Insights can help with:

Expansion plans

Satya Insights allows you to identify the best locations for new expansions taking into account different parameters, such as competitor presence, target customer profile, conversion rates or consumption type in the selected area.

Marketing – client retention and acquisition

Through client knowledge; profile and residence / most frequented places amongst others, for existing and potential clients, Satya Insights will provide you with the information to optimize physical marketing (eg. flyers, mailing) and online campaigns (eg. advertising campaigns).

Store performance

Satya Insights allows comparing and evaluating the performance of your stores against competitors or other stores of your brand, so that corrective actions can be performed based on the diagnosis obtained. In addition to the measurement of visits and visitors, we also measure other indicators such as the share of wallet or the user recurrence.

Planning and Budgeting

Through the information provided, Satya Insights will help you make decisions aimed at defining the brand / store's competitive strategy: available products, pricing and services according to the area, competitors and the client profile.

Retail Intelligence: Improve decision-making based in quantitative information.

We provide factual information about customer behaviour in your stores and in competitor stores.


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