SATYA INSIGHTS is a data analytics tool used for consumer analysis, based on real geolocation data.

Do you need to know...?

Who is the customer that comes to the area of your business?
What are the hottest areas? Or what are the hours with the highest concentration of customers in an area?
What are the most visited stores in a given area? or what is the most visited type of business?
What type of customer comes to your business area? Their age, gender or purchasing power?
Where do they come from, or where do they live, or where do they work?
In what type of stores do they consume? or what is the average length of stay of each customer in the area?
What is the attractiveness of a given area, or what is the penetration rate in a given zip code?
What is the distance traveled by customers to reach the area of analysis?

Subscribe to the Satya Insights service and you will receive 2 reports a year, one 10 days after subscribing the service, and another 10 days after the end of the first calendar semester.

The first report will include information for the calendar semester immediately preceding the date of subscription.
The second report will include information for the calendar half-year immediately following the date of subscription.
For example, if you subscribe to the service on March 10, 2022, you will receive a customer status report during the second half of 2021, and then in early July you will receive a second customer status report during the first half of 2022.

With each report, you will receive the following information directly in your e-mail:

Traffic analysis

Distributed by time slots and days of the week, heat maps, as well as peak and off-peak analysis.

Consumer typology analysis

Segmented by gender, age range, socio-demographic profile and purchasing power.

Type of visit to the area of analysis

According to consumer category (worker, resident or transient).

Consumer origin

By zip code, and the actual area of influence.

Consumer behavior

According to the most visited stores in the area distributed by category and brand.

You can see an example report

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Annual subscription price:

2.000€for one point of sale
800€for each additional point of sale

For example: contracting the service for 4 points of sale will cost 2,000+ 3 x 800 = 4,400 euros.

You can get this report free of charge thanks to the Acelera Pyme: Digital Kit grants

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