Satya allows you to obtain many fundamental business insights

User profile

What is the user profile of my clients? And their consumption habits and preferences (foodie, fashion lover, fitness fan, etc)? We provide not only genre and age, but also the interactions clients have made with different stores / brands (when and where).

Do the clients travel specifically to my store or is it a convenience consumption? Understanding if the customers are regular or occasional helps you to adapt the marketing campaigns and the product offering to improve store performance.

What are the main areas where my customers live? Do they come directly from home or work? Knowing where to find my target customers makes it easier to impact them

Consumption Patterns

When do the customers come to my store (day and time)? Does it correspond to the area average? At what days / times during the week do I have better or worse performance against my competitors?

What other brands / stores of competitors do my clients visit? How many clients do I attract from my competitors and how many clients do I share with them?

How many of my clients repeat visits to my store? How much do they repeat? Is my recurrence greater than my competitors’?

Area Analysis

What are the days and times in which my area has a greater number of potential clients?

What is the reason that my target customers are coming to my area? How often do they come? What stores do they visit?

What are my main competitors in the area? Where are they located? Which stores have the highest number of visits?

What is the average conversion for visits in the area? Which industries / stores have the best conversion?

Where can I find similar areas based on a target customer profile or the existing competitive pressure?

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We are certified digitizing agents

We are certified digitizing agents

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